Frequently asked questions

The cutoff to order is Thursday at Noon for delivery on Monday. Thursday through Saturday, we are visiting our local farm partners and working our magic.

We feed a community within a 1.5-hour drive of Jersey City, NJ—NYC, or the top of NJ down to the Shores of Ocean County.

Since the foundation of our meals is seasonal items from local farms, our menu changes each week. We brainstorm dishes and treats when we visit our purveyors and post the upcoming week’s menu on Sundays.

Literally none if you don’t want to! All of our food items come prepped and ready to compliment each other as mix-and-match plates that can be eaten cold (or warmed). The “Mains” can be your main protein source that can be served alongside or dressed with “The Goods” however you choose. A basic plate can have one of our Mains + greens + veggies + sauce! We include grains, greens, and a sweet treat so there is no wrong way to combine for mealtime or use as ingredients in a dish you with items from your pantry.

Yes! The Sauces are made to top off everything from your main, to your soup or even dressing for your greens.

Freeze or discard your weekly meal delivery within 5-7 days

We have that too! Our Grocery Store is stocked with yogurt that goes perfectly with our house-baked granola and we will grind our house blend coffee custom for your preferred brew method and include that with your weekly meal plan.

Our Weekend Grill Basket is packed with meats prepped and ready to throw on a grill with lots of sides and sauces.

We make sure food sensitivities and allergies don’t prevent our food from being enjoyed. Let us know your allergy or dietary restriction and we will take care of you.

You can! It’s available in our store and we can include with an upcoming delivery.

Yes, you can! Head over to your subscription’s tab and you’ll be able to switch menu items around and customize your order for that week using the drop-down toggle.

You can always pause your account whenever you’d like in your subscriptions tab. Look for the big green active button and click on it to pause, come back to unpause whenever you’d like before the week’s cut-off date!

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